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Hey Y'all

Have you ever wondered where we came up with the name for our bakery?

When we initially came up with the idea to build this shop, we had planned to name it Fancy Cakes... little did we know that name was already taken. Luckily, we were working with a business consultant who quickly found the name was trademarked. You may have heard of the trademark owner, Little Debbie. Just a few miles down the road.

Because our baking comes from the heart, he suggested that what we value so much be the center of the name - our six children. Through some fun brainstorming and realizing that their initials weren't going to work, we came up with the perfect name- Six Little Teacups.

Lesson learned; I am not in control. But I do know the one that is.

XOXO. KIM and Her 6 Little Teacups

Kim six little teacups.png
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